I am a cool person with no hypertension. None can make me hyper so easily. Babu was always under this impression until his friend Naresh awake him one fine day.



It so happened that they were having lunch that day and an argument started on stress in life. Babu confident about him, told that he is the coolest guy around with stress free life, and hardly loses his control unless and until the situation is really bad. Naresh started laughing as soon as Babu completed his statement. Surprised over his reaction, kept him asking what made Naresh laugh that much. Over his insistence, Naresh didn’t say much. He said I will ask you five simple questions. You may answer them now or later, and perhaps then you will come to know why I was laughing. Surprised once again and this time a bit puzzled also, Babu agreed to this. So, here come the questions Naresh said. “Remember Babu, you have to answer in YES or NO”, said Naresh.



  • Do you take it easy if you get accidentally pushed by a co-passenger while travelling in metro?
  • Do you stop your vehicle to allow the car coming from the opposite side on a narrow road?
  • Don’t you mind telling your parents something again if they couldn’t get it at the first time?
  • Don’t you mind your child seeing his favourite channel when a cricket match is on?
  • Don’t you mind getting water when your wife feels thirsty in the middle of night?

Naresh went to wash his hands without waiting a reply from Babu. Babu also left for his cabin. Though, he kept on thinking what to reply YES or NO. Also was he wrong of his own assessment on his coolness!!

So, where do we stand?

Let’s keep ourselves in Babu’s place and find if we are really a cool guy!!